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The Pet-Comedy Connection

December 06, 2012 at 9:46 AM

Who makes you laugh?

Besides your favorite comics, chances are it’s your best friends. And that group includes your pets. Here is one of my favorite comedy bits. My two dogs stare at each other, their heads drop, their butts go up in the air, the signal that the show is about to begin. On cue, they chase each other like Keystone cops, sliding around the floor, changing directions, barking and biting tails. It never fails to make me laugh. Pure comedy.

Laughter. Just another of the many ways we connect with animals. They are there to comfort us, sometimes our only support during the tough times. They help us show our better selves when we take care of them through feeding, walking playing and petting. They are often the best company, simply sitting next to us.

This depth of the comedy connection enriches our day and deepens our sense of appreciation for life. They keep us in the moment, bringing a smile to our faces. These times are often the highlights of our days. Or just a much needed break from the stress of everyday living.

So remember to thank your pet next time he or she makes you smile or totally cracks you up. That laughter is a sign of a very healthy relationship. Want to multiply the laughs? Then adopt another animal. No kidding.


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